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Happy Days

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that today was a happy day. Nothing extraordinary happened. In fact, I had my work laptop stolen from my office and I got a $50 parking ticket, but nevertheless, it was a happy day. I got to go to work, which I haven’t done in about two weeks. I know most people don’t look forward to going to work, especially on a Wednesday, but for me, going to work made me feel like a normal person again. It was wonderful. I felt responsible for something other than my cancer. I remembered that I work on interesting topics that are both far, far away from cancerland and incredibly important. Then I had a wonderful visit with my naturopath. I have an awesome plan in place to use diet and natural supplements to keep me strong through this chemo, heal me when it’s over and prevent this from ever happening again. It feels nice to feel like I have control over something. Control has been escaping me with exponential frequency as of late. Then I came home and Andrew and I were our normal goofy selves. No sad cancer talk. No frustrations to sort out. No crying or working a new feeling out. Just making dinner, watching TV, and doing silly dances in the kitchen. It’s strange to realize that just a month ago a day like today would have been considered a bad day (given the theft and the fines), and now it feels downright blissful. Dang you cancer, going and making me appreciate everything I’ve got.

Tomorrow, I become part borg (see: medi-port insertion) but today, I have very much enjoyed being a human again.