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Parents’ Wishes

Hello dear friends,

I know its been quite some time since I’ve written anything here. To be honest it’s been a really difficult few weeks, few months, few years really and I’ve found it hard to put into words what we’ve been going through. We are still plugging along with cancer treatments and all seems well thus far in terms of keeping it under control but it remains trying and tiring and it certainly hasn’t been without its share of serious bumps in the road. We also have some exciting things brewing and major life changes coming up that also bring with them their own exhaustion along with the excitement. And we’ve suffered a few of the kind of heartbreaking losses over the last few months that leave you feeling drained from grief. So I promise to update you all soon and let you in on all that’s been going on. But first I received something this morning that I just had to post. My parents sent me their ten wishes for me, today, on my 32nd birthday and it was too beautiful not to share. I too deeply wish these things for myself but also for all of you. We all deserve a life so rich as this.

Much love to you all!

life is a (2)

Dearest Katie,

A birthday is an annual marker of the passing of time in a life. But a lifetime is made up of moments, not years. And so, on this day that commemorates the start of your 33rd year, we bestow on you a wish of “moments”…

  1. We wish you moments when you recognize that the trials of life, of which you have had more than your share, have only served to temper and not break or even bend you- allowing you to walk straight and tall knowing you can step into that next fire with the certainty you will come out stronger on the other side.
  1. We wish you moments of intellectual insight, a wisdom into something that has long puzzled you. Those ah-ha moments when the last, long searched for that piece becomes visible and slips neatly, cleanly in place to fill that final space.
  1. We wish you moments of complete and utter freedom from self-consciousness where you can quite literally bounce from adulthood to childhood full of the lightness, energy and simple joy of movement complete with laughter and dancing and full-tilt silliness.
  1. We wish you moments where you feel surrounded by deep, abounding love, where you know without a doubt that you are loved for exactly who and how you are. Where you know you can do nothing, say nothing, be nothing that could in any way tear, dent or even wrinkle the fabric of love that enfolds you.
  1. We wish you moments of quiet, of peace that lifts you above the surface of the planet into the stratosphere- nearly taking your breath away, to a roost from which you can see all the bustling and drama going on below with the eye of a loving observer – while knowing it is a part of you, at this moment, you are not a part of the noise.
  1. We wish you moments of self-loving that allow you to be your genuine, authentic brilliant self, to see how resplendent you are, knowing no shame or regret- only feeling joyful recognition- as one would when meeting an old friend- aware of the beauty and love that radiates from your presence.
  1. We wish you moments of deep intimacy that can only come from being in the presence of those who have long known you, who know all of your stories, with whom you have shared many moments together. May these moments be filled with conversations that will echo and sustain you even into the quietest of nights.
  1. We wish you moments filled with rich, delicious food that satisfies not only tongue and tummy but your soul, best eaten with friends and loved ones, where recollections of other wonderful meals, where sights, and sounds, and scents linger like the stories and in whose rich retelling keeps them alive long after the meal is over.
  1. We wish you moments of immense beauty whether they are found reflected in the eyes of a loved one making you feel large and invincible or in the grandeur of a mountain, making you feel small and insignificant- both can leave you without words, leave you to simply drink it in, welcoming you to fully be in the moment.
  1. We wish you moments of hard work, that will draw their sweat and tears as they do, but leave you with the ability to sleep that sound, oblivious, satisfying sleep of exhaustion that only comes from a job well done.

We wish you moments of celebration, opportunities to share your strength and wisdom, filled with unselfconscious joy, love, peace, authenticity, intimate sharing, delicious food, beauty, and at the end of it, and the satisfaction of a well-deserved rest.

We love you with all our hearts.
Mom and Dad