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Gonna Keep Fighting



Well, I’m writing with the kind of news I hate to share. It looks like this cancer is doing what cancer does best, and spreading. The lymph node that I can feel, near my clavicle remains stable. It hasn’t gotten bigger or “brighter” (which is how they measure how much cancerous activity is taking place) but two other lymph nodes seem to now have cancerous activity in them. A lymph node near my trachea grew from 5 mm to 8 mm and has a “brightness” or SUV (Standard Uptake Value) of 3.3, which isn’t very bright (anything below a 2.5 is not considered cancer). But there is another lymph node in my chest, near my aorta, which is 1.4 x 1 cm and has an SUV of 6, which is pretty bright. They can’t biopsy these lymph nodes because the procedure would be too dangerous so we can’t know for sure that it’s cancer but it’s very unlikely to be anything else.

I am still sorting out what the next steps will be. I have contacted all of my doctors, naturopaths, etc. and we are going to put together a plan. There are more treatments I can try. Many of them I haven’t tried yet because they are extremely expensive but a lot of them are quite promising. I am far from giving up or giving in to this cancer. My plan is to currently rededicate my life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to fighting this thing. I will continue to work but my body and my life and beating this cancer must come first. I am not giving up hope and will continue to live and love my life for as long as I possibly can.

So many of you are already doing so much to help. If you’d like to give directly my (new) GiveForward page is here. I also have an Etsy shop set up here with proceeds going towards my treatment. Your prayers, good thoughts and loving compassion are also most welcome.

In the meantime, be good to each other and live your lives to the fullest.

All my love,

Katie (aka Crush)