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Cancer Convos: Episode 1 #Scanxiety

I remember a childhood friend who had cancer a few years before me told me when I was first diagnosed that over the course of my cancer journey I would meet some incredible people and when it was all over I wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without them. I didn’t know then how true this would become. Not only have I met one or two people I can’t imagine my life without but I’ve met an entire crew of incredible young adult cancer fighters and survivors who have totally rocked my world. I would do anything for these amazing people and in many ways they have become my family. They get me, I get them and we offer each other a normalcy that others our age cannot.

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time is some outreach to my fellow young adults. As young people it is so easy to get bogged down by the incredible fear that cancer can bring and the overwhelming nature of our medical system. Enter my friend Coconuts who I met while on my first rock climbing trip with First Descents. Her real name is Jessica but with FD everyone has nicknames and I dubbed her Coconuts the first day I met her, both for her adorably quirky personality and her obsession with consuming all of the coconut oil. Coconuts has quite literally been a lifesaver for me. She’s the one who recommended the doctor I see and the treatments I’m currently on. She’s also been there through many ups and downs. We have marathon phone calls and text sessions where we laugh, cry (or almost cry at least) and complain about cancer for hours on end.

We are both super committed to helping other young adults and after one rather productive marathon conversation we figured we might as well take our brilliant banter and put it out there into the Interwebs in hopes that they could be helpful to someone else. Enter: Cancer Convos with Crush and Coconuts, our very own YouTube channel AND one of my life’s greatest achievements in alliteration! Since Coconuts lives in Seattle and I live in DC we decided to film our convo over Skype. For our first episode we take on the ever-dreaded #scanxiety. Watch below to find out about our favorite and least favorite scans, the best and worst playlist ideas for MRIs, and why we don’t always trust what the all-knowing scans have to say! Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes!

(Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VYpg1NksAw)