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The Kickstarter is live!

There is always something to be thankful for.


(Ahhhh, so exciting! If you’re too impatient, like me, you can go right to the Kickstarter here!)

I have spent the last three years in fear. I am still afraid of this cancer, of what it’s doing to my body and my life. But I am done letting my life be ruled by fear. I am giving equal energy to my dreams and miracles do indeed seem to be happening.

It’s a very strange time for me right now. On the one hand writing this book, launching this Kickstarter, engaging all of you wonderful, amazing, incredibly supportive people to make this book, my dream, come true has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

Three months ago this book was just an idea and now, with your help, I am hoping to be able to launch it in just over a month! At every turn all of the pieces have fallen into place with a strange ease that has made me feel like there was a bigger power at play.

On the other hand, I just had the worst scan of my life, my cancer has gotten even more aggressive than I even imagined, I am beginning to run quite short on treatment options and the symptoms and side effects of cancer and cancer treatments have begun to make my daily life quite uncomfortable.

How does one reconcile these two conflicting experiences that are crossing paths in my life? Well, I give each equal energy. I write when I feel good. I rest when I feel bad. I research cancer treatments and meet with doctors and then I work on marketing this book. In many ways the cancer has just made the book more important. This book is my legacy, my love letter to life, to you and to your life.

I would be oh-so-grateful for any support you could lend to making my dream a reality. You can find the Kickstarter here. My goal is to get to 50% funded in 5 days. Campaigns that do well early on are most likely to succeed and I would love nothing more than for this thing to be a smashing success. Once you’ve lent whatever support you can (we’ve got rewards from $5 to $1,000) I would so appreciate it if you could share the link with, well, everyone you know! You can share the link on Facebook by clicking here and on Twitter by clicking here.

You guys are the best. You are my absolute favorites. I love you. I love this moment, for all of its heaviness and all of its magic. And I love this life.

With gratitude and love,