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Leaving a Legacy

Dear friends,

My heart has been heavy this week with yet another national tragedy. What keeps coming back to me about the tragedy in Orlando is just how young so many of the victims were. I have lost many friends in their 20s and 30s. I myself am staring my own mortality squarely in the face as a 32 (almost 33!) year old.

I think that most of us know we want to leave some kind of legacy behind. For many that’s simply our children and the people we have raised them to be. For others, it’s our businesses we’ve grown and left to another generation. Or perhaps it’s just the loving relationships you had over the course of your life.

What is so hard to swallow when we lose so many people in the prime of their lives is the loss of a chance to leave a legacy. Many of them have left behind beautiful lives full of memories that their families will cherish. But had they been given the choice what kind of incredible legacies would each of these amazing humans chosen to leave behind?

This is a question I ask myself regularly. What do I want to leave behind? I have no children that will carry on lessons or messages they learned from me. I have no great successful business or empire to hand down to another generation. All I have now are my convictions.

I didn’t expect this book or this Kickstarter to turn into my legacy but as the support and the movement grows its beginning to feel like exactly what I want to leave behind. This book is my message to the world, my encouragement to others who will face similar struggles, my testament of to how to LIVE in the face of crisis.

So this Kickstarter has 12 more days left and I want to make as big an impact as possible with the time we’ve got left. To do that, I’ve added THREE new rewards that are all about leaving a legacy behind.

First, I want to get this book into cancer, healthcare, and community centers across the country, places where young adults can borrow or take home the Courage Club. If you are part of the health care system and know just the place that could use some copies for patients or community members then this reward is for you! You’ll get 20% off the retail price AND you’ll get copies at least 6 months before they hit bookstores!


Second, I want to get this book out to young adults across the country. By choosing this reward you’ll be buying 500 copies of the Courage Club that we will donate to hand picked cancer, healthcare, and community centers across the country to get into the hands of young adults who need an injection of courage!


Finally, and most exciting, we are going to be sending up to FIVE young adults on an adventure of their choosing! Not every young adult with cancer has had the kind of incredible support that I have gotten and I want to share the wealth. We have already set up an application system here and you go to the Kickstarter here to support an adventure for one lucky young adult. Making wishes come true is not just for kids anymore!


When I eventually leave this world I want to go knowing I have left the world a little bit braver, a little bit more courageous and a little bit more adventurous than when I found it.

Will you help me to make this happen? Please share this post and the Kickstarter with your friends who work in cancer and healthcare, and with any young adults you know who might want to go on a courageous adventure of their own! 

Thank you so much for your support as always. I am so grateful to have such an amazing constellation of love lighting my way, even in the darkest of moments. I’m so excited to share the wealth with other young adult cancer fighters!