People have varying opinions on the role that diet plays in cancer. For me and for my body diet is a crucial part of treatment. My diet has changed several times throughout my treatment. When I was diagnosed I had been vegetarian for several years and I quickly became vegan. I was vegan for the first three years after my diagnosis. Eventually, my naturopathic doctors convinced me to try a ketogenic diet which is what I am on now.


My diet philosophy is to feed my immune system, limit toxins, maximize nutrients and starve the cancer. I feed my immune system and maximize nutrients by eating as many vegetables and healthy fats as possible. I avoid toxins by eating strictly organic vegetables. When it comes to meat I only eat pasture-raised poultry and fish from reliable sources and without nitrates. I only eat eggs from pasture raised chickens and the only dairy I eat is ghee or grass-fed butter. I starve the cancer by limiting sugar and carbs as much as possible (if you doubt that sugar feeds cancer just take a look at PET scans which use glucose to find cancer cells). Traditional ketogenic diets rely on getting around 80 percent of calories from fat, most of the rest from protein and a little from carbohydrates. This forces your body to switch from getting energy from ketones instead of glucose.

I DO eat:

  • Green, leafy vegetables
  • Non-starchy vegetables: zucchini, tomatoes, onion, garlic, cucumbers, mushrooms
  • Some berries
  • Pasture-raised poultry
  • Sustainably sourced fish
  • Pasture-raised eggs
  • Healthy fats, including coconut oil/butter, ghee, grass-fed butter, avocado, olive oil
  • Some nuts
  • Stevia for sweetening


  • All sugar
  • All grains
  • Cheese and milk
  • Starchy vegetables- potatoes, corn, squashes, etc.
  • Fruit
  • All alcohol
  • Coffee and generally caffeine

My Recommendations:


These are not all ketogenic but they are generally healthier brands than your average food:

  • Chocolate: I use Lily’s brand chocolate chips which are vegan, sweetened with stevia and GMO free. They are most affordable here. I have also found these at Whole Foods.
  • Pasta: I use Explore Asia pasta which is made from exclusively beans and water. They are very high in protein which is great. You can get them on Amazon. I have also found these at Whole Foods.
  • Cereal: I like Evoke muesli. It’s high in protein and mostly organic ingredients. You can get them (for more expensive) on Amazon. I’ve also found this at Wegmans.
  • Breads: I like Alvarado St. Bakery breads/bagels, etc. They are organic sprouted grains that aren’t super dry or crumbly and are actually yummy. I have also found these at Whole Foods and Wegmans.
  • Bread, Flour, Cereals: One Degree is probably my favorite brand in the whole world. They are “veganic” which is a step beyond organic and sprouted grain AND you can scan the bar code and find pictures, video and tons of information about the farmers who made the ingredients that went into the box you are holding. Amazing! Not all of their products meet my criteria but some of their cereals and their breads are delicious. I’ve found these at Whole Food and Wegmans.