A few things that have helped me and might help you or someone you know


Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr

A great book for young women diagnosed with cancer and her co-survivors. Great, funny, heartfelt tips from a woman diagnosed (and living with) a rare form of incurable liver cancer on how to be sexy, strong, supported and healthy with a cancer diagnosis. Kris’s website is also great.

Mindfullness-Based Cancer Recovery: A Step-by-Step MBSR Approach to Help You Cope with Treatment and Reclaim Your Life by Linda Carlson and Michael Speca

A helpful guide through the 8 week mindfullness-based stress reduction but focused on cancer patients and their co-survivors.


If you are looking for ways to support the cancer patients in your life or if you are a cancer patient yourself here are some things that got me through:


It’s a very personal choice how each person deals with hair loss. For me headwraps were the way to go. I can recommend both CJ Hats and Ninis Niche as offering excellent products in a wide array of colors and styles.


The KareKrate is a care package for chemo patients and is chock full of useful and high quality items. There are tons of goodies in these care packages that helped me deal with symptoms, get organized, and keep warm. It includes really great skin care products to keep your skin soft and germ free, anti-nausea aids to keep your belly in check, journal and folders to keep all those doctors’ visits straight, cards and games to keep your brain occupied, a blanket and a hat to keep you warm and many more clever and high quality products. I would highly recommend it as a very practical gift for any patient going through chemo. (Full disclosure: I received a complementary KareKrate in exchange for my feedback about the product).